Clone DVD and CD disks with ease using Clone My DVD software. This universal clone DVD utility + CD cloner can clone DVD movies, clone audio CD, clone music DVD and CD, games and any other disks you have, saving the quality!

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Clone DVD and CD

Clone any DVD and CD disks you have, including DVD movies, MP3 music, audio CD, pictures, games, documents and more. Clone My DVD makes copies without quality loss, in fact you get exactly the same DVD disk. Just insert the disk you wish to clone into your drive and press a couple of buttons to make it cloned.

Clone DVD movies

Backup and clone DVD movies to blank disks without loss of qualuty. You get 100% DVD clone without any hassles.

Copy audio CD without loss of quality

Make a perfect clone of any audio CD. No quality loss, you get exactly the same CD tracks on a blank disc!

Use any kind of blank disks

Clone My DVD can take all the types of blank disks for making a DVD clone. You can use CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM and Dual layer DVD disks to clone. You can also use non-blank disks, Clone My DVD is able to add copied content to such disks and it can also erase rewritable media (CD-RW and DVD-RW) before writing.

Clone and backup to hard drive

Backup and clone DVD and CD to hard drive in ISO image format. This ISO backup may then be used by CD/DVD emulation software or burned to CD or DVD using any burning software.

Clone DVD which is protected or encrypted

You can easily clone DVD movies protected with CSS or region protection to make your backup copy. Clone My DVD will not add any distortions or any changes into original DVD structure while clone protected DVD.

Make unlimited number of copies

Create as many DVD clones as you like. Just choose number of copies and let Clone DVD do the rest!

Enjoy simple and clear interface

Clone My DVD has very friendly and clear interface, it gives you detailed instructions on each step so it's easy to use even for novices. Clone My DVD is designed in a classic Wizard style, you press "Next" button and go further to clone DVD. It takes just a couple of clicks to clone DVD and CD disks.

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08 October 2010

Clone My DVD 1.7 minor update has been released. New version features some minor bugfixes. Download new version clicking here

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22 November 2008

We've released Clone My DVD 1.6. This update features lot of bugfixes including fixed crash upon cancellation a copy process and when the disc isn't readable. Also we fixed a hang-up when remaining time is set to ??:?? and cloning gets stalled. It is strongly recommended to download this fix

21 July 2008

Clone My DVD 1.5 has been released. In this version we fixed a problem that made copying to ISO impossible for computers with a single DVD drive. Download Clone My DVD 1.5

08 April 2008

Clone My DVD is upgraded to v1.4. Added option to save ISO disk image to hard drive. Download update here

03 December 2007

Clone My DVD has been upgraded to version 1.3. Added some minor tweaks and improvements, better compatibility with Windows Vista. Click here to download.

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